What is a SWAG Pack?

What is a SWAG Pack?

A SWAG pack is an assortment of high-quality branded items bundled together. It can consist of various items like T-shirts, notebooks, sweatshirts, coffee mugs and beyond. A SWAG pack is perfect for clients and employees to build brand awareness & loyalty.

Examples of SWAG Pack

  • Employee Onboarding Pack: This SWAG pack usually consist of a T-shirt, hoodie along with a notebook and coffee mug. You can also add stickers to enhance your brand.
  • Conference SWAG Pack: This SWAG pack usually consists of pop-grips, t-shirts, a notebook, stickers and a tote bag. It is best for an event or a conference organized by your brand. Virtual conferences can also use to make the experience delightful for the attendees.
  • Thank You Pack: This SWAG pack is usually given to employees as a thank you for their contribution to the company. A different version of the SWAG pack is also used for your high-value customers. This SWAG pack consists of a Thank you note, T-shirt, sticker and some gift cards.

How can The SWAG Company help?

The SWAG Company is an employee and client engagement platform. You can manage your employee and client list effectively, send gifts to them and can track the deliveries right from the one dashboard here. We have a wide range of products so you don't have to deal with vendors, curate your gift boxes and then hassle with the deliveries. We will build, pack and ship your swag packs and gift boxes be it in bulk or just one. If you are ready to make an impression then contact one of our SWAG agents now.

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